I Am Nothing Without Pretend

A few songs that I have been regularly playing for your listening pleasure, provided you have the same kind of ears that I have. There should be something for everyone I think. Or maybe not. There’s no accounting for taste. So if first you don’t succeed, click on. Click on…..

Civilian- Wye Oak
This is the acoustic version, which is the one I prefer. The released version has a harder edge at the finish, which is ok too, but I like this one a million times a day.

Holy Holy – Wye Oak
Reminiscent of Sonic Youth to me. One of those songs I wasn’t sure about until the third listen. Nice tempo change about 1:40 minutes in.

Jet Plane – Angus & Julia Stone
I first heard this song via Youtube so the video is ‘married’ to it in my mind. Some people find it uplifting. It makes me feel depressed and desperate, but I mean that in the nicest possible way.

Hazel – Weekend
Nothing incredibly earth-shattering here. Memories of college tunes on college radio and makes me forget that I am old for 4 minutes.

Booty Swing (Production Version) – Parov Stellar
Booty Swing (Live Version) – Parov Stellar
Yes, it’s that damn remake of a 30′s swing song from that damn Vegas commercial. It’s just fun. I’ve included both version links. I like the polished released version, but I also love the horns in the live version. This would be a great show to catch but as it is a French band, they mostly tour Europe.

Booty Swing is a remake of Oriental Swing by Lil Hardin Armstrong & Her Swing Orchestra. It’s not exactly political correct, but I don’t sing ‘em, I just post ‘em.

And some older songs that you’ve already heard, but I listen to them again again and again anyways.

This Magic Moment – Lou Reed
Lou makes this classic Drifter’s song sound positively creepy. It amuses me.

Bloodbuzz Ohio – The National
This is just the track link because the video is crap, but I love this song. This tune also tends to be a ‘cilantro song’ – people either really love it or really hate it. Possibly in the running for a spot in my Top 10 of all-time.

Save It For Later – The English Beat
This is officially an ‘oldie’. It was also on the 80′s set that I did and you’ve heard it a bazillion times. I still can’t get enough of it.

Rock of Ages - Grant Lee Buffalo
Hard to pick just one, because I love me some Grant Lee.

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I took Amelia for her first movie theater experience (Barbie Mermaid something-or-other which has so much wrong with it that it nearly made my head explode. She enjoyed it though.)

She then wrote out her Valentine’s Day cards for her classmates and we made up little bags with small toys and chocolates.

Curried sweet potato soup via Relentless Laundry. Highly recommended, even for people who just don’t like sweet potato, which would be me.

Roast Chicken for Les Paresseux for the nth time (roast chicken in a pot for lazy people, also me) from Dorie Greenspan’s Around My French Table. Dinner is almost ready…

And now there is some whining or another coming from the basement playroom from injuries real or imagined while I eat a small bag of mini M&Ms pilfered from the Valentine’s Day candy dish. Later, while the Insane Midget Posse is dreaming their dreamy little dreams, I will be enjoying a cold beer and the last 2 episodes of the first season of Downton Abbey (I was pulled in by all the interweb media hype and now I cannot get enough). It’s a cross between Gosford Park and Forsyte Saga which is everything I love about British productions. The second season is currently on PBS, but I am late to the party and didn’t want to jump ahead. Between video-on-demand and Netflix streaming and PBS reruns, I should be able to grab it somewhere.

(Just adding some more parenthesis. Because I just can’t seem to get enough.) (That should do it.)

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Elise started saying “Amelia” today instead of Ah-meena. Big deal? After hearing her sister’s name one hundred times a day for the last two and a half years and finally getting it right? Yes, yes it is.

Not a whole lot else is going on, except that we are firmly planted in Giants territory for the Patriots-Giants Superbowl showdown. We are off to the neighbor’s house tomorrow bearing mini bacon and cheese frittatas, Cuban sandwiches (have to get the dry rub on the pork), Fish House Punch (30 limes and 15 lemons to juice), and fudge brownies. There are only 4 adults and 3 children attending and that’s only my contribution, so we should be sufficiently fed and liquored by half-time. The girls will be excited and completely wiped out as the final is well past any bedtime they’ve ever had. We will also be bringing jammies.

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Getting The Show On The Road…Wherever It Ends Up

Christmas came with Santa piling on the presents, stockings filled, and my contribution to Christmas crafts adorning the tree. I’m quite proud of my star garland. I thought it would be a good “girls project” and it was, for about 30 minutes. It took me an additional 3 hours to cut out the rest of the stars of various sizes and glue them on the hemp twine adorned with rhinestones. (First glue gun purchase ever!) Then it took an additional 4 hours to do it all over again when I discovered 30 feet of garland only covered half of the tree. Most projects that take that kind of time just aren’t worth it in the end and one should give up in the middle of it and stop wasting so much time. Thankfully, this was not one of those times and I’m pleased with myself. This project is good for any child that can punch designs out of playdough. You could use any little cookie cutter thing – hearts, flowers, skulls – and just glue them onto string. The project came from Creature Comforts Blog.

The girls got everything they asked Santa for, and a few more, quickly to be forgotten (though still strewn all over the house in every possible inch of floor). Favorite items received were little plastic desk sets with fold out chairs given to them by my Great Aunt Rene and Great Uncle Ralph, both Great and great. They drag them everywhere and sit for tv time, snacks, coloring, putting their stuffed animals in time-out….

We then went to Boston over New Years Eve weekend to see family and then this guy’s wife had her baby boy (three weeks early!) while we were there! And I got to see my other friend’s three week old baby boy. And we got to see some friends a bit unexpectedly that we haven’t seen in years. When you bump into someone you are dying to see while randomly leaving a bar you’ve never been to before and talk them into going to another bar you’ve never been to before it’s a fairly good indicator that no matter how many years go by and how things change, we’re all a bunch of lushes just roaming the streets of Boston looking for a cocktail. Man, I love my friends.

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions because I think they are just another ploy to get me to feel pathetic about myself when I fail even more goals due to my total lack of commitment and will-power. However, I do like to think of ‘fresh start’ ideas – things I enjoy doing (or more truthfully, THINK I enjoy doing) but don’t make the time for because I am tired and disorganized.

This year is my home year. I’d like to take the idea of home-keeping more seriously because I hate feeling that I can’t enjoy sitting around and being lazy because there is so much stuff to do around the house. Did I mention that it is January 7th and the Christmas tree is still up? Moving right along…

If I keep on top of Part 1 then maybe I can move on to Part 2 which is doing more sewing. Or perhaps that should be any sewing at all considering it’s been months since I’ve touched the machine. Then there’s Part 3 which is nice ‘indoor quality time’ with the girls. The weather has been unseasonably warm but it can’t last forever. I bought craft books and safety scissor and construction paper and glue sticks. Amelia will be down with it but Elise gets left by the wayside a bit because she is too young, and she really isn’t. I need to stop treating her like a baby. I had exceedingly high expectations of Amelia when she was the same age and I don’t make Elise do as much on her own. So, I’m going to let them make a mess and I hope they can enjoy their time together instead of bitching about it relentlessly every waking moment of their lives.

I also did a huge liquor buy with my father a few days before Christmas and spent the bank stocking the bar. Packie Run = Quality Time. Seriously, we were there for almost an hour and had a blast. So, if all else fails, I’m well-prepared.

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Yes, We Know It’s Christmas Time. Shut Up Already.

The “Holiday Season” that everyone in the entire world keeps trying to shove down my throat does not start the goddamn day after Thanksgiving. It has been so written. Right here. So, just stop it.

I do not want a Christmas tree more than 2 weeks before Christmas (and prefer a max of 10 days). I do not want to listen to Christmas carols when there is still Halloween candy in the house. I will not attend a Holiday Party on any day that is before December 10th. I have Christmas cards and will not mail them until next week. We have not yet gone to see Santa. (Hoping Elise won’t punch him in the gut.) Why is The America beating the living hell out of Christmas? Why do they suck the specialness of lights and gift-giving and eggnog right out of the atmosphere? Why? What did Christmas ever do to you?

I just received my first Christmas purchase by one of my beloved delivery people today. I have not gone to an actual store for anything and won’t if I can get away with it. I just took the little house decorations out today. We don’t have a tree yet, but may get one tomorrow. My desperately needed new Christmas tree stand won’t be here until Monday, so I’m hoping to hold off the tree-trimming until then and of course there is the Thomas tradition of letting the tree acclimate to the house to “let the boughs fall” so proper trimming can be done which will happen if I can get away with it.

I don’t have anything against Christmas. I just don’t want to be over it before it even gets here. It’s one day. One single day of the whole year. It’s suffocating. Just let it be Christmas Day. I don’t need a whole month, Walmart. Just a day.

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