Summer Of Our Discontent

It has been a cruel, cruel summer. Things have been going not quite right and any plans I had of getting to enjoy my summer weekends taking the girls here and there for ‘family fun’ or even just hanging out on the deck while they run through a sprinkler have not really come to fruition.

Our house in Boston was up for sale and we had a buyer. We drove up and moved all of our left-overs out and then my brother moved his stuff out. Then, two days before closing they backed out of the sale. So, the summer selling season was wasted and we are now back to trying to sell it, or rent it, as we cannot pay New Jersey rent and Boston mortgage at the same time.

In the meantime, Amelia had a potential medical emergency at school. She accidentally ingested an unknown fluid (being stored in a nail polish remover bottle – !!!). What happened thereafter can only be described as an a lackadaisical and irresponsible response by the school. It was confirmed after the fact that it was just soap and water, so no true harm came to her. But the liquid hadn’t been identified until 5 hours afterwards. We thought about immediately removing both girls from the school. Being so late into the summer, we had some trouble finding an opening for both of them and even at that, it was a couple hundred a month more than I’m paying now.. I also had to consider that, if we stay in NJ next year, Amelia will be moving schools again into first grade. If we don’t stay here, they’ll be moving houses, schools, maybe countries. I try to keep their housing and daily routines as stable as possible for as long as possible and a new teacher will be starting in Amelia’s class in 2 more weeks. We decided to suck it up and wait for the new teacher. It sucks to just sit around hoping that you made the right decision.

We did get to take the girls to the shore for a day and played hooky on a work day to get them to the county fair. We also all got to get out on my dad’s boat for a bit to see the fireworks on the 4th of July and they loved it, but they were so tired that they feel asleep in the middle of it even though we were only a few hundred yards from the barge.

The beginning of the summer started out all right, but has fallen apart a bit at the seams. In other news, I turned 39, I’m trying to get Elise potty trained (grrrrr…) and she took a whiz on a down comforter last night, my brother’s bachelor party is next weekend (I have organized to my best ability, everyone is broke and are starting to bail…que sera….), and there are 3 weddings this fall. One, of course, being my brother’s and I’ve been informed that my ‘best woman’s’ dress will be here the week before – or maybe even early the week of – or maybe I’ll be standing there in something off the Macy’s rack that I bought 30 minutes before the ceremony. CS may have to work the weekend of the wedding. One catastrophe at a time.

This post is a poorly written rant bitching about first world problems I suppose. Whatever. I haven’t had as many cocktails as I should have, I haven’t read one frigging book all summer, and the problems we keep having are generally out of our control – so he keeps saying “it will all work out” and I just keep rolling my eyes and ask him to buy more beer on his way home from work.

And I’m pretty sure that thumping I am hearing on the living room ceiling means Elise just went upstairs into her sister’s room and peed on the floor. Shoot me.

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When I was a freshman at UNH, an acquaintance passed away over Easter weekend. He had gone home to visit his family and drowned during a canoeing trip. It was tragic and I felt sad, he was the roommate of a friend, but he was only someone I saw occasionally. Mostly when I was drinking at the frat he was a member of and the rest of the stories contained therein will be told never in writing.

My roommate was very broken up about it for reasons I never fully understood. She knew him even less than I did, but perhaps she felt her own mortality during a time when we were supposed to be “starting our adult lives with fresh faces”. Or maybe it was because we were already half in the wrap when we got the news. Either way, she started crying and she had her car on campus for the weekend, so she asked me to drive her to see one of her best friends that attended St. Anslem for a hug.

I stress “asked me to drive her” because she was worse for wear than I was and it was already about 10 o’clock at night. It was also raining and I had no idea how to get to St. Anslem. These details are important because as I was driving into nowheresville and she insisted on playing ‘Under The Bridge’ by the Red Hot Chili Peppers for the 3 hours it took me to get there, which is probably 2 more hours than it should have taken. It was April in New Hampshire in a rainstorm so she promptly rolled her window down, started chain smoking and then fell asleep. I just drove aimlessly, freezing to death, and I know at least once I was driving on the wrong side of the road for far longer than what could be considered an accidental moment. The thing is, every damn time I tried to turn Under The Bridge off, she’d wake up, start whining about how she had to listen to it, bitching that it was her car, meow meow meow, then start it over from the beginning. We finally made it to St. Anslem at about 1 am. Her friend wasn’t home.

The moral of the story: You know those songs that you hear a hundred times and you swear to god your are going to stab yourself in the eardrum if you hear it ever again? Under The Bridge by the Red Hot Chili Peppers is one of those songs. Never again! I hate you!

I’m doing another music post because my paying job as been a bit rough around the edges and it is music that gets me through the day. I have a lot of music but I have a habit of replaying certain songs over and over and over again because I love them so much. I have heard these songs hundreds of times, sometimes because I played them in a continuous loop, and I will never tire of them. Never. Ever. My ‘no band listed more than once’ rule doesn’t apply here because I love what I love and no one can stop me. Not even me.

I love tons of other stuff, but if I am ever being tortured this would be a good list to give to my torturers and they’d be all “Ha ha! We’ll play this at full blast and she’ll give us her lasagna recipe!” and I’ll be all “Ha ha! Little do you know that I’m in heaven right now! Do your worst! I can listen to this for a hundred years!” And then, you know, they finally give up and don’t get any lasagna. Or something.

Where was I going? Oh yes – the list of My Very Best Favorite Songs Ever In All Of Creation. Complete with links to Youtube to listen to the whole song with potentially awful videos and worse ads. I suggest not watching the videos and just listening to the songs. I’m sure there is a better way to link to entire songs that are free somewhere but que sera. Listed in no particular order, except the first 10 as they are my favorites of the favorites. Most favorite. Favoritest.

For those of you who think ‘Why is just doing damn song lists all the time?” or “She already had that on another list?” or “The hell? I hate that song!”, I say to you go away and make your own damn list and get off my ass. Jeez.

Jane Says – Jane’s Addiction
#41 – Dave Matthews Band
Sodajerk – Buffalo Tom
Radioactive- Kings of Leon
King of Birds – R.E.M.
Bloodbuzz Ohio – The Nationals
Save It for Later – English Beat
Last Dance With Mary Jane – Tom Petty
A Different Drum – Peter Gabriel
Smile – Pearl Jam
Warehouse – Dave Matthews Band
All Along The Watchtower – Jimi Hendrix
Letter To Elise – The Cure
All That Money Wants – Psychedelic Furs
Moanin’ At Midnight – Howlin’ Wolf
Molly – Sponge
Begging You – Stone Roses
Mountain Song – Jane’s Addiction
Bed of Roses – Screaming Trees
Planet Claire – B-52′s
These Days – R.E.M.
Perfect Circle – R.E.M.
Helpless – Sugar
Lone Star Song – Grant Lee Buffalo
Happiness – Grant Lee Buffalo
Immigrant Song – Led Zepplin
Blue Sky Mine – Midnight Oil
Du hast – Rammstein
Can’t Hardly Wait- The Replacements
Dream On – Aerosmith
Mercy Street – Peter Gabriel
Tame – The Pixies
Sgt. Baker – Primus
Shake ‘Em On Down – Tarbox Ramblers
All I Want Is You – U2
Exit – U2
Papa Don’t Take No Mess – James Brown
Civilian- Wye Oak
Train Song – Vashti Bunyan
I Say Nothing – Voice of the Beehive
Verdi Cries – 10,000 Maniacs
Milord – Edith Piaf
The Magnificent Seven – The Clash

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Mother’s Day 2012

This Mother’s Day, the girls and CS got me some flowers for the back deck and then we went out for lunch with a stop for ice cream for them and a chocolate frappe for me.

I also did some sewing work and hit a small roadblock that I will deal with tomorrow when I have more patience for it. My littlest model has been uncooperative in trying on the clothes I’ve made for her so I may have to take photos of said wares without the owner.

A few links to previous posts about my mother and motherhood.

Mini Me

Running The Playgroup Gauntlet



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Random Vacation Thoughts

Pool + wet bathing suit = not the best time to push the potty training. Seriously, I couldn’t put it off one more week?

I’m glad I didn’t bring my bikini. I’m way too pale and jiggly. Wait. That woman looks terrible in her bikini. I could have totally rocked my bikini. And that woman! No, wait. She’s tan and has a flat stomach. So glad I didn’t bring my bikini.

Let’s all lay down for a long nap so there will be no problems at dinner. Good mom plan! How did this turn into a 3 hour cartoon non-napping marathon? Disaster looms. God hates me.

I’m still not sold on reading on this Kindle. Have people done studies on environment and learning, like actually holding a book increases comprehension? I bet there’s grant money for that! That’s what I should do! That’s boring though. Sitting around, asking “Do you feel you retained more knowledge learning the material this way or that way?” and giving kids quizzes on it that they loathe and will probably purposefully throw the results. I bet those grant studies are why they make kids sit in those study group things during class now. A bunch of 12 year olds discussing the function of mitochondria. Really? Who cares what they feel about it? A half hour of banter, chatting about what’s in the damn book. You’re not curing cancer in junior high study groups. What a dumb idea.

She’s going to throw her shoes right off the balcony, I just know it. She’ll grow up to be like those rock stars that throw burning couches out of their 14th floor hotel room. Except she won’t be rich or famous and I’ll end up losing the house to pay for the lawsuit.

These new heels look so good on me. Why do I have such knobby knees? I could weigh 300 lbs. and I’d still have knobby knees. Whose fault is this? Mom? Dad? People aren’t just born this way.

Why are the only people taking advantage of our balcony? Maybe everyone else is out. No, that can’t be it. There are other people here with little kids. What, are they in bed already? Are we the only drunks at this hotel?

:crunch: Oh my god, she just bit through the lip of a water goblet! ….breath, wait for blood gushing from mouth….screeching….. No?? Where did the glass go? WHERE DID IT GO? Kid is going to give me an actual stroke.

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It’s that time of the decade where I look around here and give it a good vacuuming. Hope you like the new(er) look. Not too much of a change but, hey! Look at that header photo! There is a header photo! And it’s a photo I took! Victory is mine.

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