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Random Vacation Thoughts

Pool + wet bathing suit = not the best time to push the potty training. Seriously, I couldn’t put it off one more week? I’m glad I didn’t bring my bikini. I’m way too pale and jiggly. Wait. That woman … Continue reading

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Everything Should Begin In Paris

I’ll just ignore the part in which the date between the last post and this post is so far apart and move on. It’ll be fun! Play along with me, won’t you? And so… We were contemplating our pack-out in … Continue reading

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10 Things I Like About Israel

There are countless things that I can’t stand about this place. Now that we are leaving, I thought it might be nice to reflect on the things that have kept me from jumping on the next plane to Boston these … Continue reading

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Danke Schön, Deutschland

I loved Germany. We vacationed in Garmisch-Partenkirschen in Bavaria at Edelwiess and – How lovely! How picturesque! People were really nice to us even if we didn’t speak the same language! And pork! And beer! And cheese! Unfortunately, we only … Continue reading

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Next Up On The Whirlwind Tour…

…Newark, New Jersey. Some of you already heard, some have not. So, we didn’t get another international post (goodbye Panama dreams) and we didn’t get my coveted Seattle. We got Newark, NJ. We will be there mid-autumn after a 30-day … Continue reading

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