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No Mas!

Here we are at the end of the longest summer ever and could I just say that 2012 can go right ahead and shove it? Shove it, 2012! There. That should set things right. I may have mentioned some of … Continue reading

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Summer Of Our Discontent

It has been a cruel, cruel summer. Things have been going not quite right and any plans I had of getting to enjoy my summer weekends taking the girls here and there for ‘family fun’ or even just hanging out … Continue reading

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Yes, We Know It’s Christmas Time. Shut Up Already.

The “Holiday Season” that everyone in the entire world keeps trying to shove down my throat does not start the goddamn day after Thanksgiving. It has been so written. Right here. So, just stop it. I do not want a … Continue reading

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Let Down Your Hair

We got 4 inches of snow 2 days before Halloween. We lost power, had that come back on, shoveled and scraped ice of off the windshield, lost power again for a bit, and donned winter coats for the Halloween festivities. … Continue reading

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There’s something about this place that takes some of the joie de vivre out of vivre. The weather is nice, but there’s a sense of decay that I just can’t shake. It creeps and crawls into the mind and under … Continue reading

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