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It’s that time of the decade where I look around here and give it a good vacuuming. Hope you like the new(er) look. Not too much of a change but, hey! Look at that header photo! There is a header … Continue reading

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Futzing around with the design as you can see. Hopefully you will like it when all of the colors are fixed. The theme can be found here, but the photo is mine so keep your mitts off of it.

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Cutting A Rug

I don’t know if it’s because it is finally warm out (although it did just start raining. again.) but I haven’t felt like posting much lately. CS is has been away for a while and is currently on a trip … Continue reading

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Several weeks ago, my gas furnace went kaput. I don’t like messing around with natural gas lines and the unit is fairly self-contained. Unless there’s just a pilot light that needs to be relit, there’s not much I know about … Continue reading

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Mirror Mirror

I bought this mirror on a bit of a whim for the newly refurbished bathroom. It has a ribbon that it hangs on, not the chain in ths picture, and I was afraid it might be a bit too girly. … Continue reading

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