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Today Amelia turns 4 years old. We had a gymnastics party at the YMCA last Saturday with 13 of her school friends and we will have our little family celebration tonight. Favorite color: Pink. Or purple. But mostly pink Favorite … Continue reading

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It Takes A Village

CS is away on a detail through the weekend, so I thought it would be a nice opportunity to ditch the ever-present housecleaning and take the girls out and about. The first reason this was a bad idea is because … Continue reading

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Mini Me

Amelia is growing physically, psychologically and emotionally everyday. Her imagination is blossoming to include stories about “crocodiles going up in the sky in an airplane”. It is answers like these that I receive when asking her what she did at … Continue reading

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Zip It

Throughout my whole pregnancy with Elise, I was convinced that I was pregnant with a boy. I had a boy’s name all picked out and even imagined what my little boy would look like. But I also knew that it … Continue reading

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Brains!!! Braaaaiiiinnnsss!!

I had to go to the market up the street to buy milk and bread which I was only prompted to do because we are completely out of both and they are universally accepted as bare staple items. The entire … Continue reading

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