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My friend Jerry passed away last Tuesday very unexpectedly and suddenly. I know his family and friends have their own memories, thoughts, and personal sense of loss. Here are a few things that made Jerry my friend, why he was … Continue reading

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No Mas!

Here we are at the end of the longest summer ever and could I just say that 2012 can go right ahead and shove it? Shove it, 2012! There. That should set things right. I may have mentioned some of … Continue reading

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100 Things

I wrote this over seven years ago and just found it hanging around under my private post archives. Most of these things are still true. My life has changed, but I remain the same for the most part. I haven’t … Continue reading

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How Do You Do, Two?

Today marks Elise Morgan’s second year here and she makes use of every moment. She is a child full of life, energy and enough raging passion for all of us. Which is fortunate, because she can take it out of … Continue reading

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For the Powers of Good

If you want to enter to win a trip to Paris, just follow the link. If not, all the better. I don’t need anymore competition.

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