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I took Amelia for her first movie theater experience (Barbie Mermaid something-or-other which has so much wrong with it that it nearly made my head explode. She enjoyed it though.) She then wrote out her Valentine’s Day cards for her … Continue reading

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Elise started saying “Amelia” today instead of Ah-meena. Big deal? After hearing her sister’s name one hundred times a day for the last two and a half years and finally getting it right? Yes, yes it is. Not a whole … Continue reading

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Burst of Energy

Two posts in a week? I’d better slow down before I pull something. Even though I don’t DO a lot, in my head I am cooking glorious meals that spread across my table like a William-Sonoma catalogue cover and making … Continue reading

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Day Number 13,514

As last year, and 2 years before that, there are no festivities planned for my 37th year today. I am noticing a trend and that trend is: I am having no fun in my 30′s. So, I am asking the … Continue reading

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Danke Schön, Deutschland

I loved Germany. We vacationed in Garmisch-Partenkirschen in Bavaria at Edelwiess and – How lovely! How picturesque! People were really nice to us even if we didn’t speak the same language! And pork! And beer! And cheese! Unfortunately, we only … Continue reading

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