I Am Nothing Without Pretend

A few songs that I have been regularly playing for your listening pleasure, provided you have the same kind of ears that I have. There should be something for everyone I think. Or maybe not. There’s no accounting for taste. So if first you don’t succeed, click on. Click on…..

Civilian- Wye Oak
This is the acoustic version, which is the one I prefer. The released version has a harder edge at the finish, which is ok too, but I like this one a million times a day.

Holy Holy – Wye Oak
Reminiscent of Sonic Youth to me. One of those songs I wasn’t sure about until the third listen. Nice tempo change about 1:40 minutes in.

Jet Plane – Angus & Julia Stone
I first heard this song via Youtube so the video is ‘married’ to it in my mind. Some people find it uplifting. It makes me feel depressed and desperate, but I mean that in the nicest possible way.

Hazel – Weekend
Nothing incredibly earth-shattering here. Memories of college tunes on college radio and makes me forget that I am old for 4 minutes.

Booty Swing (Production Version) – Parov Stellar
Booty Swing (Live Version) – Parov Stellar
Yes, it’s that damn remake of a 30′s swing song from that damn Vegas commercial. It’s just fun. I’ve included both version links. I like the polished released version, but I also love the horns in the live version. This would be a great show to catch but as it is a French band, they mostly tour Europe.

Booty Swing is a remake of Oriental Swing by Lil Hardin Armstrong & Her Swing Orchestra. It’s not exactly political correct, but I don’t sing ‘em, I just post ‘em.

And some older songs that you’ve already heard, but I listen to them again again and again anyways.

This Magic Moment – Lou Reed
Lou makes this classic Drifter’s song sound positively creepy. It amuses me.

Bloodbuzz Ohio – The National
This is just the track link because the video is crap, but I love this song. This tune also tends to be a ‘cilantro song’ – people either really love it or really hate it. Possibly in the running for a spot in my Top 10 of all-time.

Save It For Later – The English Beat
This is officially an ‘oldie’. It was also on the 80′s set that I did and you’ve heard it a bazillion times. I still can’t get enough of it.

Rock of Ages - Grant Lee Buffalo
Hard to pick just one, because I love me some Grant Lee.

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