Yes, We Know It’s Christmas Time. Shut Up Already.

The “Holiday Season” that everyone in the entire world keeps trying to shove down my throat does not start the goddamn day after Thanksgiving. It has been so written. Right here. So, just stop it.

I do not want a Christmas tree more than 2 weeks before Christmas (and prefer a max of 10 days). I do not want to listen to Christmas carols when there is still Halloween candy in the house. I will not attend a Holiday Party on any day that is before December 10th. I have Christmas cards and will not mail them until next week. We have not yet gone to see Santa. (Hoping Elise won’t punch him in the gut.) Why is The America beating the living hell out of Christmas? Why do they suck the specialness of lights and gift-giving and eggnog right out of the atmosphere? Why? What did Christmas ever do to you?

I just received my first Christmas purchase by one of my beloved delivery people today. I have not gone to an actual store for anything and won’t if I can get away with it. I just took the little house decorations out today. We don’t have a tree yet, but may get one tomorrow. My desperately needed new Christmas tree stand won’t be here until Monday, so I’m hoping to hold off the tree-trimming until then and of course there is the Thomas tradition of letting the tree acclimate to the house to “let the boughs fall” so proper trimming can be done which will happen if I can get away with it.

I don’t have anything against Christmas. I just don’t want to be over it before it even gets here. It’s one day. One single day of the whole year. It’s suffocating. Just let it be Christmas Day. I don’t need a whole month, Walmart. Just a day.

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4 Responses to Yes, We Know It’s Christmas Time. Shut Up Already.

  1. One of my closest friends abides by the Twelve Days of Christmas rule – Christmas starts on the 24th, and is celebrated until the 6th Jan. No decorations or trees until then, indeed barely any recognition of the madness going on all around her. Wish I could be as adament. But frankly, decorating a tree is a great way to kill a dark afternoon with the kids. And picking up broken tree decorations on a daily basis for three weeks is part of the Christmas fun, no?

  2. eileen adams says:

    Hey, thanks for adding me as a contact in Flikr, how did you do that?

  3. eileen adams says:

    btw, what is your address now? it changes like the wind! cant send you a christmas card even if i wanted too!

  4. cat says:

    They started playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving in my neck of the woods. I almost burst into tears.