Burst of Energy

Two posts in a week? I’d better slow down before I pull something.

Even though I don’t DO a lot, in my head I am cooking glorious meals that spread across my table like a William-Sonoma catalogue cover and making crafty things and clothes that would be good enough to actually wear. I’m not sure if it is time, motivation, or skill that keeps any of these things from actually becoming a reality, but I still think about them for a fairly large portion of my day.

A few random bit and pieces I have been perusing:

Colette Sewing Handbook – I just received this and I’m just flipping through it, but I’ve spotted some good tips for projects I’m currently working on and at least one of the patterns included looks good enough to make

Oliver & S Bedtime Story PJs – this pattern is out of print (as usual I am late to the party), but I’d like to make these for both the girls, so maybe I can find them somewhere out there

A search on that pattern brought me to The Dabblist whose into all kinds of craftiness with a passion level I’d like to achieve. Her site also lead me here to….

Craftyminx Crotchet School – I tried crochet once and even made a blanket for Elise before she was born. I liked crotcheting but bought some nubby but beautiful yarn to make a shawl for Amelia and I couldn’t see the stitches because of the texture and I got totally aggravated, so ended up chucking the whole hobby. Maybe I’ll try again.

The Punch Bowl – 75 Recipes Spanning Four Centuries of Wanton Revelry- To put it simply, I like punch, particularly when it has booze in it. I’m not sure why punch as fallen out of favor but wherever we are spending the holidays this year, we will be having punch. I am certain this is a kitchen task I will more than willingly make time for and follow through on. You have all been warned.

Cakespy Presents Sweet Treats for a Sugar-Filled Life – Written by Jessie Oleson of cakespy.com – This book is 100x more awesome than I had expected. It doesn’t focus on ingredients as much as presentation, meaning there is no complicated cake recipe that takes 3 hours to make as all the sweat-equity is put into making whimsical-looking desserts.
Birthday Cake French Toast, Cakes Baked in Jars, and Pie Fries? The girls are going to be in sugar-high heaven.

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2 Responses to Burst of Energy

  1. Dan says:

    I believe that it’s a) the time and b) just maintaining the status quo saps one’s drive to do extra. In addition to cooking the aforementioned glorious and yummy meals, in MY head I’m also learning how to really use my camera (by reading the photography books currently languishing on my nightstand), as well as writing up all the blog posts composed in my head as I go about my day.

    But by the time I get home, and all the evening chores are done, I’m happy just to watch Star Trek on Netflix streaming.

  2. Heather says:

    And I miss my friends that have some common passions which keeps me engaged. But it makes me feel crummy when I type it out…