Let Down Your Hair

We got 4 inches of snow 2 days before Halloween. We lost power, had that come back on, shoveled and scraped ice of off the windshield, lost power again for a bit, and donned winter coats for the Halloween festivities. I’m done with winter 2011- 2012 already and we haven’t even “fallen back” for DST yet. Blargh.

Speaking of festivities, they do the Halloween things here a bit different than back home. I carved a pumpkin, but think I only saw one or two other carved pumpkins during our trick-or-treating. Which, by the way, unexpectedly occurs from 3:45 – 5:30pm. When it is still light out. When it doesn’t really feel like Halloween yet. In case you are wondering, you don’t get much loot when you are 2 years old and have to climb all of those steps for five M&M’s when you only have an hour to go door-to-door.

I wasn’t prepared to take them out so early so I suppose it’s good I brought them home from school early for dinner before going around the neighborhood. They never got dinner because my friend asked me if we were ready to go trick-or-treating and thank goodness because I would have missed it completely. Then at 5:30, everyone goes up to the library and gathers for a Halloween parade to the park where there is a costume contest, free donuts and cider. We left a little early because we were all chilly and tired. It’s all very nice and communal, the fire department and police are there, and yet…..eh. We spent a lot of time outside walking around and getting cold with no pay-out.

I also used to carve about 4 pumpkins every Halloween, but I’m glad I didn’t this year as the effort would have seemed wasted. The neighborhood has got to be in the Top 10 safest neighborhoods in America, so I don’t really understand the efforts made to make sure no one trick-or-treats during traditional trick-or-treat hours.

I’d rather take them out at 6 and drag them around until their bags are full and they can’t walk anymore. That’s what my Halloween used to be about. Getting the candy and then getting to the best part. The trading. After my mother “checked” our candy and pilfered all of the Mounds bars “for our own safety”, my brother and I would dump our bags out onto the living room floor to begin our candy swapping negotiations. Snickers and Reese’s were worth 2 trades and we always played pretty fair when it came to candy swap.

Anyhow, if we are here next year, I think we’ll go back home for Halloween. On the upside, I have 4 unopened bags of Halloween candy, so we’ll have no lack of chocolate until next Halloween.

ANYWAY – a photo of Rapunzel looking out of her classroom tower window and Alice in Wonderland marching in the school parade. More photos here.

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One Response to Let Down Your Hair

  1. I’m assuming by “cider” you mean american (ie, non-alcoholic) cider? Truly no pay off. While I think of it, a really really brilliant drink is a glass of (proper) cider with a shot of gin in it. Sounds hideous, tastes unexpectedly great. Suggest you introduce it at the next neighbourhood get-together. Should liven things up a little…