Stuff and Things

I haven’t been neglecting the blog per se. I just have a lot of things locked up in the brain while my big stupid life puts up roadblocks to things that I love more, like free time to write.

We are staying in temporary living quarters in NJ (rented a corporate townhouse – not as schmancy as it sounds) and looking for a house to live in so we can move on with our lives. Some upcoming highlights:

1. Insane Midget Posse updates – Birthday parties for 3 and 1 year olds, Frankenbaby walking and the current record for most time-outs for backtalk, whining and hitting siblings.

2. Things I like about NJ.

3. How much this move is even worse than the last move. Who knew it got worse? Not this delusional twit.

4. Highlights of my month in Boston (Wii injury not withstanding) and some things I didn’t accomplish.

5. I’d also like to do a post about my blogroll and the people I virtually follow. I keep it there because I really do check those sites all of the time.

6. Lots of photos.

So, I miss writing and updates are forthcoming as soon as we find a money pit to put all of our crap in.

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3 Responses to Stuff and Things

  1. Dan says:

    wii injury?

    I have a sad lack of posting as well.

  2. Cass says:

    ditto the “wii injury?” comment. Dang…so much to hear about! Eventually you really do need a Tequila weekend ;)
    I really want to hear all about what you like in NJ but, just keeping my fingers crossed for you that you find a nice place to live – and quickly!

  3. jus says:

    Haha… and I thought only the Queen sent telegram’s these day! Thank you, I just received it and it made my day. NJ… is that the same place that my teenage’s sons latest MTV habit screens from? Dear Lord, what is it with MTV anyway… when I was a kid I thought the Monkees were revolutionary, but at the risk of sounding like I deserve a telegram from the Queen, who on earth would call their child ‘The Situation’… bizarre! x