Zip It

Throughout my whole pregnancy with Elise, I was convinced that I was pregnant with a boy. I had a boy’s name all picked out and even imagined what my little boy would look like. But I also knew that it might be a girl. Even with the total absence of morning sickness, you just never know. Much to the surprise of others, we didn’t want to know the gender ahead of time. I like surprises and I think that the gender of an unborn child is one of those unique secrets that gets to keep itself hidden and exciting until the glorious end.

Thankfully, we also picked out a girl’s name just I case and she didn’t end up just being ‘Baby Girl Shannon’ for a few days. I couldn’t be more excited that I had another girl. As far as I know, I’m the only one in my blood family to have only girls. There are only boys or boys and girls but no ‘just sisters’. I don’t believe we’ll be having anymore children as we are very happy with two.

Yet, upon learning I had a girl many people (actually, a lot of people) quip ‘Well, you’ll just have to keep trying for a boy!’ or ‘So, when’s number 3?’


Keep trying? For a boy? For more? It is not enough that I was fortunate to have two normal healthy pregnancies with no issues of any kind? The moral? Don’t say stupid things to people about ‘trying’ for children of different genders. Or trying for children at all. It will never come out right. Just drop it.

My family is not incomplete because my children are of the same gender. Elise counts just as much as a boy. She is pretty and sweet and smiles delightfully. She is healthy and eats well. She is physically strong and has a cute little voice. She coos and holds my hand with that light in her eyes. I love my little girl and she is not any less novel simply because she is the second daughter and the last child.

She is our youngest baby daughter and will always have that special place. Both of my girls will have one best sister. In my family that is very special indeed.

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4 Responses to Zip It

  1. Dan says:

    I’ve discovered that when you have a child, people feel they have license to say all sorts of offensive things and ask inappropriate questions. Poop on them.

  2. Pia K says:

    people are just plain weird. and why is it so common to be both rude and quite offensive like this. healthy, happy growing up to be goo, caing, compassionate beings, that what’s matter, not gender. anyway, that’s what insightful and clever people think…;)

  3. CS says:

    Daddy is happy with two girls as they will always be his little girls and that special relationship between father and daughter has been doubled. There will always be women in my life to laugh at my jokes and odd ways. I will also have the pleasure of seeing them grow up to be the beautiful women I know they will be. While I will not play “sports” with my son I can with my daughters and I hope to enjoy physical activities with them. The best part is I will be able to compete longer with them than if I had a boy.

  4. Heather says:

    Ah yes, competing. That special time between letting them win and realizing that you are getting your ass kicked.