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The Holiday Christmas Season is just around the corner and I have been checking out the online shops for you, my dear 3 readers, in case you are just like me and hate to go to a mall to buy things. I don’t hate the mall. I hate the people in the mall. But I digress….

I have found a new and cool tool via Anne called Wists. Here you will find everything that I have happened upon that I can live without but would like to have anyway. Actually, that statement accounts for most of the things I spend my money on with the exception of basic groceries and the gas bill. I get hungry and chilly from time to time.

For example, I visited Timberland and was surprised to find so many womens clothes that I loved, like this $500 brown leather coat that I not only like, but that I adore. I will not be purchasing this coat as it is outrageously overpriced. I am a collector of coats, but I will be admiring from afar.

While traveling through the Wists list, you will find many thinks that link to many places that you may like, too. I will also be adding new shops that I like here, so be sure to keep the Link list in mind when doing your shopping. I’m here to help.

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